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First Commerce Online
Bill Pay


Our Bill Pay service integrated with Entrust Bank, allows you to schedule payments to payees of your choice.  You schedule the amount, date to be sent and to whom the payment is to be made.  Your account will be charged on the date you specify and the payment will be made by check or by EFT transmission.  Best of all, you have flexibility to add, change or delete payments within certain guidelines.    The only requirement

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for consumers to qualify for the Bill Pay service is that you have a First Commerce Online account and that you maintain your checking account in good standing.  We reserve the right to cancel the Bill Pay service at any time.  To enroll in Bill Pay, simply enter your Firt Commerce Online account, select the checking account from which you want to pay bills and select "Set up as a bill payment account" from the drop-down menu.  You must agree to the terms and agreement that appears.